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Plastic Corrugated Sheet & Article

PP (Polypropylene) corrugated sheet is a generic term given to an extruded polymer product. Two layers of PP wall are connected by flutes to form a twin-wall corrugated sheet which has flexibility, durability and wide range of uses, especially as packaging materials due to its light weight, impact resistance, water proofing, chemical resistance and food grade.

PP Corrugated Box - Conductive Grade 

PP corrugated box is more durable with longer life cycle, cost effective and environmental friendly. PP corrugated boxes are available in variety of sizes and designs to optimize space and logistic requirements.

PP Corrugated Box – General Grade

PP Solid

PP solid is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to changes of shape, which suitable for heavy duty application.

PP Corrugated Collapsible Box

PP corrugated collapsible boxed make storage and logistic more flexible and cost effective. It can be customized according to customer’s specific requirements and styles.

Stickers and Labels

We are specialized in labeling products such as all purpose labels & sticker, computer labels, offset & silkscreen sticker, destructive/ security labels, bar code labels, static PVC protective film and conductive / ESD stickers.

Plastic Injection Container with Partition & Plastic Pallet

Injection bins are suitable for heavy duty applications. These reusable containers can be used for storage and transportation of valuable parts. It may come with partition, divider and cover.

Partition / Nesting

Nesting can be used for better segregation of your valuable products. CLPG’s experienced packaging designer will be able to design and develop the most suitable partition according to product requirements.

Functionality of nesting can be improved by adding a layer of cushioning to prevent valuable products from scratches and damages.

Foam Articles

A wide range of ESD and General Grade foam for general packaging and cushioning functions.

Paper Corrugated Boxes / Carton

Paper corrugated box uses paper-based materials consisting of a fluted corrugated plastic sheets and one or two flat linerboards. It is widely used to transport product using distribution. The most common box style is the Regular Slotted Chamber (RSC).

Customized Items

CLPG’s designers are able to think out of the box from concept design to creation. We are able to propose integrated design with reliable, creative and innovative products to meet customer requirements.

OEM Project

Shooting Target Board

CLPG SHOOTING TARGETS are used as target for training purposes. This weather proof plastic target is made of durable polypropylene for shooting training and weather proof. Commonly used by Armed Forces such as PDRM and MINDEF as targets during fire arms practice sessions.

Gift & Souvenir